In this age of fast changes, new design building and conception technologies carry us quickly towards the future. The new digital tools are at the basis of the new industrial (r)evolution, or as it is better known Industry 4.0. Therefore, well-skilled workforce able to understand, develop, use and update the digital tools used by the companies is required. But how can one find and learn to use these new technologies? In a FabLab or a Maker Space. Fab Lab and the Maker Space are basically the same environments. The difference is that the FabLab has to follow the Fab charter, containing specific types of machines, and is recognised by MIT. It is a free accessible space including different digitally controlled machines and tools, such as 3D printing machines, laser cutter CNC, 3D scanner etc. Moreover, one has access to design software of 2D and 3D concepts such as Sketchup, AutoCAD, Autodesk. The learning experience in a FabLab develops unique skills in:
– setting-up and fixing of several machines and objects;
– recycling or upcycling objects and materials;
– building machines from scratch;
– Developing prototypes for the industry.
– Co-working
– Running projects in several sectors
– Designing and producing objects in 2D or 3D