Virtual Meeting
March 17

On March 17, 2021, we finally got together (virtually) to take stock of the situation of our project, which is heavily impacted by the health situation. Although the writing of the content was able to continue almost normally, some of our learning, training and teaching mobilities could not be carried out. The main objective of this virtual meeting was to reflect on how we can adapt the project to overcome the possible impossibility of organizing certain mobilities. How to adapt them in virtual meetings, if necessary and thus allow the project to move forward. This meeting made it possible to identify interesting options. While waiting for the more favorable development of the health situation, the 2 partners KIM, the author of Documentation and Makers & Makerspace Culture modules, and MAD the author of Craft & Materials module have decided to join forces to organize a virtual LTT meeting. Both MAD and KIM are going to make videos illustrating their content and will bring together the trainees face-to-face or online depending on the sanitary conditions in force. These videos can also be used on our website, YouTube channel or Facebook. During this virtual LTT, the feedback from our trainees will help us to definitively validate the contents of these first 3 modules. The period of June was chosen to give the necessary time to the partners to carry out these activities but also will allow us to assess the situation at that time, to adapt our activities and to plan accordingly. The main objective is to achieve our LTT mobilities within the time initially planned, i.e., the end of 2021.